A Series of Fortunate Events

Kaya Moody

Lazy Day? Wasted Day? Whatever you please
Two classes. A nap. Grey’s Anatomy

Chicken nuggets are all I’ve been craving.
Sprint across pavement. Drove with no destination

Made a decision. Know I won't regret
People getting married, never once met

Journey to the Asian market for food.
Homemade sushi that turned out really good.

Every time I go outside, I see him. 
Movies and fun with my second cousin.

Loads of work, Asian shows, and family
A trip to Walgreens for necessity

Chocolate chip pancakes, sisterly binging 
My dad keeps telling jokes, we keep cringing.

College could not seem to escape my mind.
Walking with my mom, never stop the grind.

Kaya Moody is a senior at MBS