Domine Quae In Speculo Resplendent

Becca Borofsky

Please hear this lai about lovers
Where one belongs to another.
A woman normal to the eye
Carries a secret, she must hide.
A lover who she keeps tucked away
Ever beside her, she will stay.
A husband brutal as can be
But with her lover, she feels free.
Her tragic tale has gone untold
But here is how it all unfolds.

In front of her window framed with gold
Meets the lady whose heart she holds. 
Her lover’s eyes are full of tears
Knowing her pain before she appears.
No one knows the lady like her
Soulmates they undoubtedly were.
She reaches out to her lover
Their hands press against each other.
The lady stops crying and smiles 
Now she is complete for a while.
The lover frowns at her, she knows
Before her lord comes, she must go.
Reluctantly she walks away
Her heart now mended from her day.
The lady lies in her own bed
Thinking of what her lover said.
Promise of a life together
In a land with no harsh weather.
She dreams of this far away place
Until the sun shines on her face.

With a smile, she packs her tools
To go to a place with no rules.
Excited, and prepared to go
Hoping her lord will never know.
The maids have heard of his temper
And that’s why they help her scamper.
To a place she can call her own
Its peaceful, beauty still unknown.

The horse stops, her heart skips a beat
How is the air here always sweet?
She grabs her paints and bids farewell
Gazing at the lake she knows so well. 
She saunters to the cherry tree,
The lady giggles merrily.
Looming over the crystal pool
At the base, she sits since its cool.
Then appears a pleasant surprise
It was her lover in disguise.
Her reflection on the water
Reveals why every man sought her.
Dark eyes glittered with specks of gold
I wonder what secrets they hold.
With her long, curly brunette hair
It is no wonder why men stare.
With her, the lady is at peace
She always knows just what she needs.

A friend to sit with in silence
As she toys with nature’s science.
She takes out her brushes to use
And her lover will be her muse.
She pears into the clear lake
Her lover’s smile she won’t forsake.
Picks up her palette of pastels
Her lover’s favorite, she can tell.
The summer breeze smells of lilac
And feels so cool against her back.
Stroking her brushes on the page
Emeralds and cyans will rage.
The lady paints a perfect life
With her lover, there is no strife.
But, this world can not be true
This makes the lady feel so blue.
She tosses her art in anger
Longing for love with no danger.
A woman she can never have
Nothing else makes her feel so sad.
In the picture, they’re holding hands
Her eyes shut, dreaming of their plans.
She leans over to embrace her
After that, it was all a blur.

She crashes into the water
Couldn’t her lover have caught her?
Sinking into the depths of the lake
She realizes her fatal mistake.
Light greens turn to threatening blues
Her lover must be worried too.
Why hasn’t her lover dived down?
Without help, the lady will drown.
Feeling frightened and all alone
She’s shivering, chilled to the bone.
How could she be so blind and wrong
With her lover, she did not belong.
She sheds a tear for her dearest one
She adored her, but now that’s done.

There’s nothing so glum as her fate
This lady made a grave mistake.
Nothing so shameful as their love
I hope she prayed to the stars above.
Nothing compares to what happened here
For her true love was the lady in the mirror.

Becca Borofsky is a freshman at MBS