In the Wondrous Month of May

Inspired by Heinrich Heine’s poem of the same name

Kailyn Williams

In the wondrous month of May,
Two hearts bleed out on the lawn
Thawing the rime from their arteries 
Still stiff from winters gone.
Now they’ve learned the truth  
Of the truths they’d never say:
This proclamation of theirs
Is simpler in foreign tongue — 
The lexicon of dreams exists beyond their words
And worlds they’ve so tightly strung
To the branches of their finite minds.
One's heart is not a carnation;
Frigidity taints, not resurrects. 
Thawing the rime, they sprout pools of ink
Till they sink into bouts of hesitation
Only the brittle scaffolding of dreams remain
In this wondrous month of May.

Kailyn Williams is a junior at MBS