The Quest for the Truth

Abel Guzman

Water drips down my face
The bag over my head choking me, scaring me
They ask and they scream, and my mind begins 
   warring within itself for freedom
It becomes harder to breathe and I brace  
I start to gag and cry and I prepare for death
I stop breathing and Allah’s hands drop down to me
But quickly I am yanked away from death
Her sweet kiss planted on my cheek as I shiver in my 
They continue to berate me 
Their words bounce off me 
I know not what they speak
They have the right man
Of that I am certain 
They look for Abu Zubaydah, a “Terrorist”
And that is who they have tied to a chair 
An 83rd time I went under
My life is in their hands I thought
And then i broke 
35 seconds i lasted 
And after those 35 seconds i realised Allah 
   could not save me
For there is no Allah to believe in 
Life is in the hands of others
Allah’s hands are the ones that choke you.

[CIA agent's perspective]

His life lies with me and my assistants 
It’s remnants tied to a chair 
The constant fear of asphyxiation present 
For that reason;
based on the advice of medical personnel, 
the C.I.A. requires saline solution be used
to reduce the possibility of hyponatremia 
Passive transport causes his pain
as the water enters his cells 
His body takes in the water and releases 
   what's inside
The polarity of water allows osmosis 
And his body and mind submit
He cant maintain homeostasis 
He has to breathe
And though he can't drown he feels like 
   he's dying
His cells expand and he is in danger of death
So we remove the cover and release him 
We release him so he can continue 
Continue his torment
Continue to have his cells expand 
And continue to feel like he's trapped
That is how we get answers from terrorists 
This is how we prevent more tragedies.

Abel Guzman is a senior at MBS